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Innovative designers and manufacturers of high-quality, high-efficiency, packaged air conditioning equipment, serving the African continent and beyond.
From small to large capacity, standard to special applications, Viking is capable of offering turnkey design/build solutions to meet your specific air conditioning requirements.
From the plotting of the psychrometric process to the commissioning of the finished product, Viking is capable of being an involved and committed partner for any project, regardless of size and complexity.
Whether your requirement be the comfort air conditioning of a small retail store, or a large scale shopping complex, or a mobile air conditioning plant with integrated power generator, or a low temperature low humidity test chamber for the airline industry, or a stepping chamber for the mining industry, Viking can deliver.
Viking Air Conditioning

Left: -Viking Packaged Unit.

Right, Top to Bottom: -Viking Multi-fan airwall™

-Viking Multi-fan airwall™

-Horizontal AHU

-Vertical AHU

The achievement of excellence is our driving force.