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All of our units are designed for ease of handling, installation, operation and maintenance. They have a long service life, and are designed for maximum energy efficiency.
Our Air-Handling units are offered as Horizontal or Vertical type, with many options, and orientations available. Units can be of solid one-piece construction, or in modular form for simplified installation. One, two, or three stage filtration, heating and/or cooling coils, pre-heating, and/or reheating, humidification, energy recovery systems, economy cycles, and multi-fan air wall supply air systems can be incorporated. Our Viking V-Mod framing system gives us absolute flexibility when it comes to designing special solutions to abnormal challenges.
Air-Handling Units

Left: AHU Unit ready for delivery

Right and in descending order: Packaged Unit.


Internal of unit

HP/LP Switches

Our extremely popular, “bread and butter”- type air-handling unit that offers many design variations and optional extras

A typical “double-decker” horizontal type unit with an energy recovery wheel incorporated.

We are proud to be wholly South African, contributing to the health and wealth of our nation.

Packaged Air Conditioning Units

We offer a complete range of medium to large capacity packaged air conditioning units with either air-cooled, water-cooled, or evaporative-cooled condensers.

Units are available in standard form or with many optional innovative features incorporated such as:

  1.     Economy Cycles

  2.     Energy Reclaim Systems

  3.     Reverse Cycle Heating

  4.     High Efficiency Scroll Compressors

  5.     Variable Speed Condenser Systems

  6.     Variable Speed Compressor Control

  7.     Variable Speed Supply Air Fans

  8.     High Efficiency EC-Type European Drive Motors

  9.     Floating condenser pressures

  10.     Electronic Expansion Valves

  11.     On-site logging and monitoring capabilities

  12.     Variable Refrigerant Flow Hybrid Systems

A full range of VAV (Variable Air Volume) units are also available with variable speed compressors, condensers, and evaporator fans.

To take advantage of the high levels of efficiency of the new range of Variable Refrigerant Flow units, we are also able to offer a hybrid packaged unit, comprising of VRF condensing units close-coupled to a Viking Air-Handling unit. This combination offers a good all-round solution for single or multi-zoned applications.