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VIKING AIR CONDITIONING today operates as a stand-alone division of a large privately owned, wholly South African company with Level 2 BEE status.

Founded in 1946, after the 2nd world war the holding company, now specialises in the air conditioning and industrial ventilation fields where it has become a leading player. Over the past 65 years the group has continued to build a sound reputation around its engineering skills and resources.  

Based in the suburb of Spartan in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, the VIKING manufacturing facility comprises a 2100m2 manufacturing plant with 600m2 of supporting sales, engineering, drawing and administration offices.

The total staff numbers 40, including engineering, production and administration personnel.

This production facility which is ISO 9001 accredited, is capable of producing over R50 Million worth of product per annum, from the smallest air-handling unit to self-contained air conditioning units of over 750 kW cooling capacity.
Specialising in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient packaged air conditioning equipment branded with the VIKING name, the product range has become well known and is respected both domestically and in other areas of Southern Africa and the Middle East.

The range of packaged equipment currently offered comprises:

Vertical-type Air-handling Units
Horizontal-type Air-handling Units
Packaged Air Conditioning Units with Air-cooled Condensers
Packaged Air Conditioning Units with Evaporative Condensers
Packaged Air Conditioning Units with Water-cooled Condensers

Although a range of standard units is available for all the above products, custom-designed and engineered units are a specialty and form the fastest growing part of the business.

Many optional features and finishes are available in the units and due to the flexibility of design and construction, the VIKING products are widely specified and purchased by prominent consulting engineers, contractors and end-users respectively.
Viking Air Conditioning

Left: Horizontal Air Handling Unit with energy wheel.

Right and in descending order: Unit Control Panel

Vertical AHU

AHU unit ready for delivery

Backward Curve Supply Air Fan

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